DJR Food Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is a brainchild of 3 experts to provide you total solutions from Farm to Fork in your food business. We provide and support you in total supply chain solutions to your business right from Farming, Sourcing, Trading, Vendor development, Supplier quality programs, Projects, Processing, Quality and Food safety systems & programs.

We bring value to your business by providing customized, amicable and cost effective solutions by playing the role of your trustworthy partner.

Our core competencies :

DJR Foods Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is created by a team of Food supply chain professionals who are highly qualified and carrying decades of experience, working with global food industries.

Deepak Kumar :

An agronomist over 30 years of experience in Farming, Trading, Sourcing, Backward Integration and Sustainable Agriculture programs with abundant hands on experience under actual field conditions.

John V Panicker :

A mechanical engineer over 25 years of experience in heading Manufacturing Operations , Greenfield and Brownfield Projects for various food processing industries with a specialization in Spice Manufacturing, Frozen Products, Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Products.

Ravindran Nair :

A Food Chemist over 30 years of experience in handling New Products, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Food Safety of both Oleoresins and Dry Spice Processing. Possess knowledge and skill in running a global accepted laboratory. Well versant with all Quality & Food Safety systems, Country Regulations, Accreditations and handling of second & third party Audits.

Why DJR :
  • ♦ Professional assistance with reliable cost effective and consistent solutions for your business right from farm to fork.
  • ♦ Professionals with more than 25 years of experiences in the fields of Farming / Sourcing / Sustainable Programs / Manufacturing Operations, Projects, Production    Process/Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Food Safety Programs / handling Regulatory Affairs/Audits etc.
  • ♦ Professional advice, training and implementation of best practices in the field of food business right from farm to fork.
Vision :

To become a Global partner of Food manufacturing business by contributing to Quality and Safety in food supply chain through amicable professional assistance right from Farm to Fork.

Mission :
  • ♦ To support Agriculture and Food manufacturing / processing industries by providing amicable solutions to improve efficiency in Supply chain, Processing,
        Quality and Food safety programs by transferring the expertise in the form of education, training, knowledge and technology.
  • ♦ To develop long term relationship with Customers; identify and support them on the improvements of food supply chain right from Farm to Fork.
Our values :
  • ♦ We are totally committed to the customers to define & deliver the objectives on a timely manner.
  • ♦ We take pride in ownership of what we deliver to our valued customers.
  • ♦ We keep customer confidentiality as part of our DNA.
  • ♦ We keep honesty & integrity as a way of our culture.